Cristina Moyer

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Commonly Confused Words to Know for the ACT

Memorizing vocabulary lists is not the best strategy for the English or Reading sections. However, there are tons of commonly confused words that the ACT will test you on (or expect you to know how to properly use). So to help you clear up any words you may be mixing up (affect vs. effect, anyone?), we created this big list of Commonly Confused Words to Know for the ACT!

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2021 – 2022 Common App Essay Topics

The 2021 Common App opens August 1, which means it’s time to pick and begin writing your 2021-2022 Common App Essay! This year, there’s a new Common App essay topic that reflects the change the worlds experienced in the last year. In this post, we’re discussing this new essay topic as well as the existing topics, and how to pick which Common App Essay topic to write.