Test Taking Strategies – 6 Test Tip Videos to Watch

In addition to our online, animated video-based ACT and SAT courses, we post videos with strategies for the SAT and ACT on YouTube! Cristina, our course content writer, shares test taking strategies for each test section in our Test Tips video series pulled from her years working with students as an SAT and ACT tutor. 

These test taking strategies cover every section of the two tests, from the ACT Science section to the SAT Writing and Language section. Additionally, Cristina shares tips and strategies for the entire college application process!

We’ve curated a few of our most popular and helpful test tip videos on YouTube below. You can view all the Test Tip videos (and lots of SAT and ACT practice question videos!) on our YouTube channel

SAT & ACT Reading Strategies for Slow Readers

It’s no secret you need to read with speed to do well on the SAT or ACT Reading section. But what if you’re not a speed reader? Check out Cristina’s 4 strategies for improving your reading speed in this test tips video!

Boosting Your English/Writing & Language Score

One of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your overall SAT or ACT score is by boosting your English (Writing and Language) section score. Learn why in this test tip video!

6 Strategies for the SAT Math Section

Cristina shares 6 strategies for the SAT math section and tips for creating effective study sessions that actually help you boost your math score. 

ACT Science Section Overview & 3 Strategies to Succeed

With 6 passages, 40 questions, and only 35 minutes to complete it all, the ACT Science Section is a major pain point for many students. So how can you own the section and get a great score on the science section? Cristina gives an overview and 3 strategies for success on the ACT Science Section. 

Tips for Picking a College

Choosing where to go to college can be overwhelming. Maybe you’ve wondered how to choose the right college or wondered what college is right for you. How do you decide?

If you’re just beginning your college search process, brainstorming some important and some more superficial characteristics you value in a college can help narrow down your search. 

4 Tips for Writing the Common App Essay

Are you writing a Common Application essay?  Cristina’s sharing four tips about how to write your Common App essay, as well as some do’s and don’ts to consider as you’re writing your essays. If you’re writing a Coalition App essay, these four tips will work for that essay as well. 

Watch More Test Taking Strategies on YouTube

If you’ve found these test tip videos helpful, remember to check out our YouTube channel. We post new practice question videos every Monday and Test Tip videos go live on Wednesdays. 

While you’re learning all the test taking strategies you can on YouTube, consider enrolling in our ACT or SAT online study course. The courses cover everything you need to know for the tests through hundreds of practice questions and helpful animated video explanations (like the ones you see on our channel!), as well as study guides and test-taking tips exclusive to the course. You can enroll at www.olive-book.com!

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