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8 Black History Month Books to Read in February

February is Black History Month, a special time set aside to celebrate and honor Black Americans past and present. We’ve put together this list of Black History Month books because we believe literature is one of the most moving ways to learn about cultures, peoples, and events. From novels, to memoirs, to non-fiction, in each …

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Paired Passage Walkthrough (With Videos!)

The paired passage section on the ACT or SAT is a portion of the reading section that asks you to read two passages and answer a set of questions based on both passages. In this post, we’ll walk through some of the unique challenges the paired passage presents and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

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Prose Fiction Passage Walkthrough (With Videos!)

This prose fiction passage walkthrough covers one prose fiction/literature passage like you would find on the SAT and ACT tests. First, read about what the prose fiction passage is and then watch the following videos for the passage walkthrough. What is the Prose Fiction/Literature Passage? You’ll see one literary narrative/prose fiction passage on the ACT …

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