Natural Science Passage Walkthrough (With Videos!)

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This SAT/ACT Natural Science passage walkthrough covers a Natural Science passage similar to one you would find on the SAT and ACT tests. First, read about what the Natural Science passage is and then watch the following videos for the passage walkthrough.

What is the Natural Science Passage?

You’ll see one Natural Science passage on the ACT and SAT. Natural Science passages can cover a wide variety of topics, like earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, or environmental science. The important thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to have any prior knowledge of the subject manner in order to answer the questions asked at the end of the passage. The Natural Science passage has a totally different purpose than a story (or a prose passage) does: the Natural Science passage’s main purpose is to inform.

All About the Natural Science Passage

How to Read the Passage

You will need to read this passage at a quick pace that picks up these key details. Skim the passage by hearing only the important words or topic sentences in your head. The rest of the time, allow the voice in your head to mumble through the details.

What to Look for in the Natural Science Passage

When you read this passage, focus on the main idea and structure of the passage. You don’t need to understand the passage completely, but you do need a good grasp of the main idea, the arguments, and the structure of the passage, and if the author presents conflicting viewpoints. Be on the hunt for transition words, like “on the other hand” or “in contrast” or “in fact” or “consequently.” Transition words tell you when a point is being made. 

How to Ace the SAT Reading Section

Natural Science Passage Walkthrough

Watch the videos below to walkthrough a Natural Science passage with Cristina, one of Olive Book’s course creators. These videos are samples from the Reading section of our SAT and ACT courses.

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For more SAT/ACT Reading practice videos, visit our YouTube channel. We update the channel weekly with practice problems from all areas of the test. For more Reading passage practice, checkout our online SAT or ACT courses.

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