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Prose Fiction Passage Walkthrough (With Videos!)

This prose fiction passage walkthrough covers one prose fiction/literature passage like you would find on the SAT and ACT tests. First, read about what the prose fiction passage is and then watch the following videos for the passage walkthrough. What is the Prose Fiction/Literature Passage? You’ll see one literary narrative/prose fiction passage on the ACT …

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4 Strategies to Increase Your Reading Speed

The SAT and ACT Reading sections are not designed to be read at a “normal” pace – they’re designed to test your ability to read quickly and with focus. If you find yourself struggling to complete the SAT or ACT reading passages in the allotted time, we’ve put together a few strategies to help you speed up and attack the Reading passages.

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How to Ace the SAT Reading Section

How do you get through the entire SAT reading section in just 65 minutes, let alone ace it? With a few strategies and a bit of knowledge about how you read, you can conquer the tricky SAT reading section and boost your overall score.