2020 College Decision Day: What Colleges Do Students Choose?

harvard vs yale

When it comes to even the most prestigious universities, students with multiple acceptance offers can only pick one school. So what college do they pick? Is Harvard really more popular than Yale? Can Chapel Hill fans hold their head up against Duke?

With the college decision day closing in,* these intriguing questions are as important as ever. If you’re stuck between two schools and willing to submit yourself to peer pressure to pick one, we have the perfect decider for you. 

The Top 10 Colleges for Each ACT Score Range

Using Parchment’s College Comparison tool, you simply enter in two colleges and the tool shows you what percentage of students admitted to both schools chose to attend one or the other. 

There are, of course, many decisions that go into picking a college – financial aid, proximity to home, student personalities. But if you’re looking for a coin toss to help you decide (or just love to pour over statistics), have some fun with this college comparison tool. 

Harvard vs Yale

Unless you really favor one school over the other, when it comes to Harvard and Yale, you can’t make a poor decision. Were you surprised by how many students chose Harvard over Yale?

harvard vs yale


The UCLA/USC college football rivalry gets put to an academic test; it looks like this time UCLA takes the win.

ucla vs usc

The Top 10 Colleges for Each SAT Score Range

Duke vs UNC Chapel Hill

Another rivalry between schools known for top sports and top academics.

duke vs unc chapel hill

The University of Michigan vs Ohio State

We’re sure fans of the University of Michigan and Ohio State would have something to say about this statistic.

university of michigan vs ohio state

*While traditionally May 1, the college decision deadline has moved to June 1 for many universities. Check with your college for their official decision deadline.

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