Megan Johnson

SAT Math Formulas To Know for Test Day

The SAT provides a reference sheet of math formulas in the SAT math section – but it’s short. You’ll use more formulas on test day than you see on the sheet. The formula list below boils down the formulas you most likely will use on the SAT.

act study schedule graphic

ACT Study Schedules: 1, 2, 3, and 4 Month Study Plans

Studying for the ACT can sound overwhelming. You know you need to study Reading, Science, English, and Math, but there are so many concepts within each subject. Where do you even begin? You begin with an ACT study schedule! Creating an ACT study plan is your first step to effective ACT prep. In order to study …

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math section strategy

4 Math Section Strategies for Better Studying

In our past ACT and SAT Math section strategy posts, we’ve talked about the importance of recognizing what kind of math problem you’re looking at in order to recall how to solve it. However, it does take some practice, just like any other skill you want to improve! So we wanted to provide four Math section strategies for recognizing problems as you see them.