College Admissions

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5 Free College Planning Resources

Essays, applications, extracurriculars, GPAs, letters of recommendation, more essays; the college planning and application process is stressful at best and overwhelming at its worst. These five free college planning resources can help you start strong in your preparations for college, or help you re-route if you’re feeling off track and overwhelmed.

Test-Optional, Not Test-Blind: 3 Steps to Boost Your Score

Many colleges have waived SAT and ACT score requirements due to the impact of COVID-19. However, a majority of schools are only test-optional – not test-blind. This means colleges will consider your test score if you send it. By preparing for and taking the SAT or ACT test, you can provide a more complete picture of your academic abilities.

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Going to College is Expensive. Not Going is More So.

At 46 years old, my wife and I still carry student loan debt, loans that only a year ago finally ebbed below $100,000. I’m not only alright with that, I’m grateful because those loans gave each of us careers as college professors, occupations that wouldn’t have been available to either of us without borrowing.  Is …

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