Homeschool Schedule for the SAT or ACT

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Millions of students are home from school due to the coronavirus outbreak – you probably need a good homeschool schedule, and fast.

It’s unclear how long schools will stay shuttered, so it may be best to plan for the long haul. (46 states’ schools are currently closed, and all schools in Kansas and Virginia are closed for the rest of the school year.) Download one of these free, printable homeschool schedules for the ACT and SAT to keep your student on track through the end of the school year.

Spring ACT, SAT Canceled Due to COVID-19. Now What?

How to Prepare for the SAT and ACT Test at Home

You need two things for great ACT or SAT test prep at home: a quality prep course and a realistic schedule. These ACT and SAT study schedules, aligned with our free online ACT and SAT courses, aid your homeschooling efforts by providing some much-needed structure. The schedules contain specific instructions for what practice to complete each week. All your student needs to do is log in and start checking practice off her list!

3 Month ACT and SAT Homeschool Schedule

Make the most of time at home by following this study schedule as you complete The Olive Book’s SAT or ACT course. You can enroll in the courses for free at

 The far-right column, labeled “Practice,” contains the practice you’re to complete.  We recommend completing one part per week to complete the course by end of the school year (or the June test!). Depending on when you start practicing, you might need to complete two or three parts in one week.

ACT Study Schedule

act study schedule for homeschool

SAT Study Schedule

sat study schedule for homeschool

Is Studying for the ACT or SAT at Home as Effective as a Class?

If your student is not used to studying for the ACT or SAT without a tutor or a class, we want to assure you that he or she can thrive in this online course, especially with the guidance of the homeschool schedule. Really, the self-discipline of working through an online course may lead to more improvement than would sitting in a class!

We designed the course to teach students, not just drill them with practice. Any practice your student completes builds their knowledge of the test content, so even completing 50% of the course aids their test prep efforts more than a simple review of old test prep materials.

Why 3 Months?

And, did you know that around 3 months is the perfect amount of time to prepare for the ACT or SAT? Students often report that they intended to spend more time prepping than they actually spent because of time constraints – school, extracurricular, etc. But these next few weeks will probably be different than what most of us know as our daily routine and provide a bit more time in the day for things like preparing for the test. 

To learn more about the courses, head here. Got questions? Send us an email here.

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