ACT Math Section Tips and Downloadable Formula Sheet

math formulas on act

The ACT does not provide a formula sheet for the Math section, so you’ll need to know a few key formulas by heart. It’s important to understand these formulas because the ACT math test is pretty straightforward; often knowledge of these key formulas can help you solve problems faster and more accurately. 

We’ve put together a one-page study guide to math formulas on the ACT below. You can click on the link to get the PDF version of the study guide emailed to you!

Download the guide: ACT Math Formulas Study Guide

Some Tips for the ACT Math Section

Most importantly, work to “own the material” in the math section. You will never be able to see every question prior to taking the test, so you need to understand the concepts behind the question.  That way you can apply your knowledge to novel problems.  

Second, familiarize yourself with the wording of the questions.  Practice with questions that are similar to how they will be worded on the actual test.  Sometimes standardized test structure is not something with which you are very familiar.  

Then take a timed test. Both the ACT and SAT have free downloadable released tests.  Make sure you can work under that time crunch. And when you have finished a timed test, find your errors and go back to “owning the material.”  Analyze your errors and wrap your brain around the concepts.

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Math Practice Questions Resources

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