ACT, SAT Math Practice Questions with Explanations

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Looking for ACT or SAT math practice questions? We’ve got you covered in this post full of math practice question videos for the ACT or SAT. These practice questions cover each type of math problem you’ll see on these tests, from Algebra to Statistics.

For an overview of the types of math questions on the SAT, read this post (scroll to the bottom). For an overview of ACT math questions, read this post (and scroll to the bottom).

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Algebra Practice Questions

The math section requires you to have a solid understanding of Algebra 1 and a good understanding of Algebra 2. These Algebra questions, (called Heart of Algebra questions on the SAT test) cover topics like linear and quadratic inequalities, finding and interpreting slope and intercepts from equations, graphs, and applying algebraic concepts to real-world problems.

Numbers and Quantity Practice Problems

Called Numbers and Quantity on the ACT and Passport to Advanced Math on the SAT, these kinds of questions test your knowledge of central tendency and distribution (mean, median, mode, range), your ability to manipulate expressions and equations, understand factoring, greatest common factor, and least common multiple, and more.

Watch and solve the numbers and quantity practice questions:

Geometry Practice Questions

There are more geometry problems on the ACT than the SAT, but both tests cover this topic. The SAT frequently combines multiple geometry concepts into one question in context. The ACT tends to breakout topics into different questions, but you may still need to combine concepts for some questions. Examples of concepts covered on this section include knowledge of right triangles and ability to apply trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) to solve for missing values, computing perimeter and area of polygons and circumference and area of circles, and understanding the trigonometry of the unit circle and basic trig identities to solve problems involving radians and angle measures.

Practice these geometry math problems to hone your geometry skills:

Statistics and Probability Practice Problems

Called Statistics and Probability on the ACT and Problem Solving and Data Analysis on the SAT, these questions test your ability to compute probabilities of an event, its complement, and combinations (conditional and joint probability) in context, refer to data, charts, frequency tables, and graphs to interpret information, and more.

Solve these example statistics and probability practice questions to get a feel for what’s on the test:

ACT, SAT Math Practice Questions

The best way to own the ACT or SAT math section is practice! But not just practice…focused practice. Focused practice targets your weaknesses and hones your strengths. Once you understand the kinds of questions you consistently get wrong, you can target those question types in your studying. Before you know it, you’re math score will be consistently increasing!

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