8 SAT Prep Videos to Help You Own the Test

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These eight SAT prep videos will arm you with strategies to take on the SAT test with confidence. Below, you’ll find videos to help you decide how to study for the SAT, strategies for each section of the test, tips for guessing, and more.

To keep studying with SAT prep videos, visit Olive Book’s YouTube channel, where we share strategy videos and practice question videos from our online SAT course.

8 SAT Prep Videos to Help You Own the Test

What to Study the Week of the SAT

The week of the SAT is the time to focus your studying and review your testing strategies. But you may wonder “what should I study the week of the SAT?” or “how do I study for the SAT last minute?” Cristina shares a study plan for each day of the week leading up to the SAT test that covers the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections.

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Strategies for Each SAT Test Section

Here are some last minute strategies for each SAT section: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. These SAT strategies will help you work strategically as you study for the SAT and take on test day.

Guessing Strategies for the SAT

Guessing should not be your go-to when taking the ACT or SAT, but sometimes it’s just necessary. If your choice is between spending too much time trying to solve a question you don’t understand and spending time on a question you actually know the answer to, it’s better to guess and move on to the question you do know how to do. Cristina shares some strategies for guessing in this video:

6 Strategies for the SAT Math Section

Cristina shares 6 strategies for the SAT math section and tips for creating effective study sessions that actually help you boost your math score.

Reading Strategies for Slow Readers

It’s no secret you need to read with speed to do well on the SAT Reading section. But what if you’re not a speed reader? Check out Cristina’s 4 strategies for improving your reading speed this test tips video!

Strategies for Evidenced-Based Reading Questions

These SAT reading section strategies will help you use the passage effectively so you can answer evidence-based reading questions like a pro.

4 Tips for Feeling Prepared for the SAT

How are you feeling about your upcoming SAT test? Ready? Nervous? Feeling prepared for the SAT is almost as important as truly being prepared for the SAT!

How is the SAT Scored?

How is the SAT scored, and how do you calculate your SAT score? From raw scores and section scores to subscores and cross-test scores, Cristina shares how your SAT is scored (plus tips for calculating your score at home!) in this video.

SAT Prep YouTube Videos

Remember to visit Olive Book’s YouTube channel for more free strategy videos and practice question videos from our online SAT course.

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