The SAT is Going Digital

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College Board announced on January 25, 2022 that it will soon administer the SAT digitally. The new digital SAT format keeps much of the test the same but also ushers in new changes to the test. The digital test will be administered internationally in 2023 and in the US in 2024, and the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 will be administered digitally in 2023 and with the PSAT 10 following in 2024.

College Board piloted the digital SAT test in fall 2021. 80% of students said the digital test was less stressful and 100% of educators reported a positive experience.

The digital SAT will still be scored on a scale of 1600 and will continue to be administered at schools or testing centers – not at home. Students can use a school-issued or a personal device. The test will also continue to test content learned in high school and deemed most relevant for a college education.

What’s Changing on the Digital SAT

Shorter Test

But with the new digital platform come a few changes: the digital SAT will be shorter, just two hours instead of three, with more time per question. Each section (Math and Reading and Writing) will be split into two modules. The first module gauges a students abilities on the topics presented. The questions that appear in the second module depend on how the student does in the first module.

Shorter Reading Passages, Calculators on Entire Math Section

The digital SAT will have shorter reading passages on the Reading section with just one question for each passage. The passages will also reflect a wider range of topics to reflect what students read in college.

Additionally, calculators will be allowed on the entire Math section, as they are on the ACT test.

Digital SAT Means Faster, More Secure Testing and Results

Because of the digital platform, students can expect scores back in days instead of weeks (or months). The digital test also provides greater test security and protection against cheating. Each student’s test form is different, making it difficult to leak test questions.

Will There Still be a Paper SAT?

Once the SAT goes digital, College Board is not looking back. For international students, digital SAT testing begins in March 2023 and paper tests will no longer be available. For US students, starting in fall 2023 all PSAT related tests will be digital. All US SAT tests will be digital in spring 2024. However, College Board will continue to allow paper tests for those with accommodations.

Digital SAT FAQ

College Board will continue to release information about the new SAT in the months to come, and we will keep you updated on news as it breaks. Olive Book will be working over the next two years to adapt our online SAT course to the new testing format so you can trust that you’re still studying the most relevant material.

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