What Do Colleges See on My ACT Score Report?

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Once you take your ACT test and the score gets sent to colleges, what exactly do colleges see on your ACT score report?

Colleges see much of the same information as you see on your ACT score report: they see your composite score, along with your scaled score for each section of the test (Reading, English, Math, and Science) and your subscores for each section. The score report will also include the writing score, if applicable.

Your score report also includes information about your high school grades (self-reported), background information (self-reported), and a prediction of undergraduate performance.

Colleges use this score report as part of a comprehensive look at your application. Most colleges say the test score is just one factor out of many used to grant admission, as they also consider your essays, high school transcript, letters of recommendation, and any supplemental materials.

View this sample score report from ACT.org for a look into what colleges see:

ACT college score report
ACT college score report

Should I Send Colleges All My ACT Scores?

When you take the ACT, you’ll have the option of sending your score to four schools for free. This may seem like a good option, especially because it is $15 to send a report after taking the test.

However, we recommend you eat this cost, if possible, and wait to send your scores until you’ve seen them. This way you’re in control of what scores your schools see (and don’t see).

The only time we’d recommend sending the free score is in the rare case that one of your schools requires you to submit all your ACT scores as part of your application. In this case, it makes sense to take advantage of the free score submission.

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