Megan Johnson

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Types of SAT Math Questions on the SAT Test

The dozens of math questions on the SAT can be broken down into four types of math questions. Understanding the content that falls under these four question categories will help you study for the SAT with greater focus. And with more focused practice, you’re more likely to see an increase in your SAT score.

The 5 Kinds of ACT Math Questions

The ACT math section covers five areas of math. So, what kinds of questions can you expect to see on this section? The content can be grouped as follows: number & quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics & probability.

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The Three ACT Science Passage Types

Unless you’ve taken the ACT before, you probably haven’t encountered too many science writings in your everyday reading. What types of passages are on the ACT Science section? What can you expect from the Science passages? We’re covering the three kinds of ACT Science passages you’ll see on the test and some quick strategies for each passage type.

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5 Free College Planning Resources

Essays, applications, extracurriculars, GPAs, letters of recommendation, more essays; the college planning and application process is stressful at best and overwhelming at its worst. These five free college planning resources can help you start strong in your preparations for college, or help you re-route if you’re feeling off track and overwhelmed.