Megan Johnson

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Why Election Day is on a Tuesday

It’s Election Day in the US today. But why are elections held on Tuesdays? And why the second Tuesday in November? The story of our modern election day begins more than 200 years ago at the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Rather, the lack of this convention to set a national voting date.

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How to Ace the ACT Reading Section

How do you get through the entire ACT reading section in just 35 minutes, let alone ace it? With a few strategies and a bit of knowledge about how you read, you can conquer the ACT reading section and boost your overall score.

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The Average SAT Scores by State

Average SAT scores vary from state to state. Although the national average SAT score is 1059, more than 2.2 million students take the SAT test! Knowing the average SAT score in your state helps you understand where you stand among students in a similar situation and what a good SAT score is for you.